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Crane Components

Leitai Machinery can provide wide range of liftng crane components with scientific design, goods safety, high performance, efficient operation and low manitenance cost. We are committed to help our lients to reduce investment cost, improvee production efficienty and economize energy consumption.

Crane Components :

1. Open Geared End Carriage, Hollow Shaft End Carriage, Underhang End Carriage, Wheel block and Wheel sets

2. Enclosed Conductor Rail, High Tro Reel System

3. Festoon System, Cable Trolley

4. Cable Reel System ( Motorized type Cable Drum, Spring type Cable Drum)

5. Electric Flat Cable, Round Cable and Pendent Cable

6. Crane Cabin, Industrial Remote Control, Pendent Controller

7. Crane Rail, P22, P38, to P43, QU70 to QU120, A45 to A150, Fish Plate, Rail Clamp

8. Limited Switch, Sound and Revolving Light, Load Displayer

9. Crane Scale