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Lifting Equipments

LEITAI Machinery as a leader experter of overhead crane ( Bridge crane ), professionals with 15 years of experience, dedicated to providing you with the safest and most cost effective lifting solutions to suit all industry applications. All the cranes are designed and manufactured strictly according to crane national standard FEM, CMAA, IEC.

LEITAI Machinery Manufacture as following Lifting Equipments:
1. Single Girder Overhead Cranes (Bridge Crane)
2. Double Girder Overhead Cranes (Bridge Crane)
3. Single Girder Gantry Cranes (Box type Portal Cranes, Truss type Portal Cranes)
4. Double Grider Gantry Crane(Box type Portal Cranes, Truss type Portal Cranes)
5. Under Running Cranes
6. Monorail Cranes
7. Light KBK Cranes